Scouting for Spotted Wing Drosophila, weevils, leafrollers, and other pests and diseases of berries. Next day reporting for client growers.


In the field and online, berry growers can find answers and get help

We offer growers IPM scouting and consulting services support services for the region’s small fruit commodity commissions. We also conduct on-farm research in cooperation with public sector researchers.

  • We have produced the Small Fruit Update, a weekly IPM email newsletter for the region’s berry industry, since 2000.
  • Early in 2005 we launched the nwipm website to help growers identify pest insects and diseases. The site was updated in 2010 and is now called BerriesNW. The site has a word and/or phrase search tool that finds all the insects and diseases in our large database. Each insect and disease has a detail page with pictures, description of the pest, its symptoms and life cycle. There are also tips for scouting and cultural and biological controls. The website also has an up-to-date pesticide guide, a directory of industry resources,and a calendar of berry industry events, meetings, workshops, etc.
  • In 2007, we created Ag Reports, an online reporting system for the growers who contract for our services. You can get a demonstration of its capabilities on the home page.
  • We have been very active in scouting for Spotted Wing Drosophila and created a special website with charts of the insect's presence in Oregon and southwest Washington.

Tom and Anna PeerboltThe goal of co-owners Tom and Anna Peerbolt is to support a strong and viable small fruit industry in the northwest by:
1) Providing the region’s growers and industry with the information they need when they need it.
2) Partnering with the public agricultural research community and commodity commissions to maintain and enhance our small fruits research base.

Office: 503-289-7287
Tom Peerbolt cell phone: 503-970-0922
Jason Myer cell phone: 503-502-7478

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