Peerbolt Crop Management (PCM) began in 1992. Since its inception, PCM's goal has been to facilitate the sustainable production of berry crops in the Northwest through IPM (Integrated Pest Management) based field services, on-farm research, consulting, and information dissemination. For 25 years, we have closely collaborated with growers, researchers, industry members, and government agencies, attaining a unique industry perspective and promoting sustainable production methods. 


Our Work

We focus on providing services to our grower and berry industry clients, to provide objective data and information, and empower them to make better informed decisions in their farming operations. We adhere strongly to principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) which emphasizes a knowledge based decision-making system that accounts for environmental and biological realities in farm management. We strive to provide our clients with the knowledge they need to use the most efficacious and least harmful practices possible. Staying on the cutting edge of agricultural research and utilizing novel technologies, we are uniquely positioned to provide field-driven data and recommendations without an incentive to sell product.