Tom Peerbolt


Tom has worked in the horticulture industry since 1976 doing everything from being a gardener and a landscaper, to working with flowers in a whole sale environment to owning a small nursery. He came to Oregon in 1990 and soon began to work with a few Southwest Washington berry growers. That beginning blossomed into working with multiple berry growers in Oregon and Washington. As the worked increased, he hired scouts and office personnel. He is the editor of the Small Fruit Update, as well as running workshops and going to meetings. 

He grew up in Michigan and had his first gardening work while attending the University of Michigan in the 1970s. He received a BS in horticulture from the University of California, Davis, in 1986. Gardening remains a hobby.


Anna Peerbolt


Anna joined her husband at PCM in 2001. She is in charge of the PCM office end of the business. She assists in writing grants and works with various granting agencies in administering the grants. She is a learn-as-you-go person, who originally had no bookkeeping or website skills. Her background is in journalism, with side roads into marketing, advertising, and graphics, all which helped with web design and html. She has no background in horticulture, however, she has picked up insect and disease details along the way.


Jason Myer


Jason, who started with us as a scout during the 2011 season, became our Field-Scout Associate/GIS Manager in 2012 and in 2013 took over the scout supervisor and field research tasks. He oversees the PCM contract programmer and directs the creation of the new AgReports data collection system. He is an FAA licensed Small Unmanned Aircraft Pilot and oversees the company's UAV operations as well. In 2017 he accepted the role of managing PCM.

He grew up in a farming community in Michigan and has a BS in Environmental Sciences from Michigan State University (ecology, biology, entomology, chemistry and natural resource management). After graduation, he spent two years in West Africa as an Agroforestry and Environmental Specialist for the Peace Corps. 





Jo began working for PCM in March 2016. She assists with outreach, design, and general office work. She also scouts during the growing season as needed. Jo earned a BA in Journalism and Creative Writing from Linfield College in 2012. While her background is in communication, she grew up working on grass seed farms in the Willamette Valley and enjoys Oregon's agricultural community.


Julie Pond


Julie has worked for PCM since March 2008, when she was our Scout Supervisor and Research Associate. She held that position until March 2012, when she had the opportunity to work from home while caring for her daughters, Fiona and Lydia. Julie uses our AgReports system to create email reports for growers based on data collected by our scouts, participates in industry meetings and helps with special projects. Her experience with berry growers and knowledge of the industry is substantial.  She has a BS in Agriculture with a Horticulture major and Biotech minor from the University of Saskatchewan.


In addition to our full-time staff, we hire numerous Field Technicians every growing season to assist with our field scouting needs. View their bios here.