UAV technology has been advancing at lightning speed over the past few years, and now with the regulatory allowance for their commercial use in the United States, we are happy to announce or newest available service. Using high powered cameras and advanced software, we can map and image fields with a precision and resolution that has never been possible, and assess particular field issues at a field wide level as opposed to relaying on extrapolated field sampling. With these services we can provide:


Field Mapping and Imagery

We can create high-resolution, geo-exact field, orthomosaic imagery to map individual fields, or your entire farm. Image resolution is extremely high, capable discerning details on individual plants and leaves. Taken multiple times throughout the seasons allows you to see relative growth across fields in near time-lapse style. Repeated across multiple seasons gives a powerful perspective of your field's growth and health over time. We will provide you with .kml files of your imagery which can be incorporated and overlayed into Google Earth or any app that utilizes Google's mapping technologies.

Multispectral and NDVI Imagery

Coming in the 2017/2018 season, we can take multispectral/NDVI imagery of your fields or entire farm. The power of seeing plants in this spectrum allows you to quickly see areas of plant stress which may otherwise escape the naked eye. 

Aerial Videography and Photography 

Farms benefit from an elegant and timeless beauty of the intersection of nature and humanity. Viewing this landscape from the air can allow one to see the full encompassing beauty of your farm. Whether for marketing purposes, or for your own enjoyment, we can come and produce, shoot, and edit aerial photos and video from your farm.


Costs for this service typically range from $3-$25 per acre for the season.

If you have any questions or would like a free estimate, please Contact Us.