AgReports is a proprietary software package developed by Peerbolt Crop Management, in cooperation with Eon Edge Studios (, for use in field data collection and reporting. The original iteration of AgReports was developed in 2006 which allowed users to manually enter field data into an online database and generate email reports to send to clients. In 2013, PCM began major development of an improved system which was first launched in the 2015 growing season. 

The new AgReports is a fully integrated, highly  customizable, and multi-faceted data collection system which utilizes modern ubiquitous mobile technologies to collect data geospatially and graphically present that data to clients. The way it works is that the main website application allows users to setup field protocols and pests along any parameters, map fields, and set-up other users/organizations that will be a part of the system. This information is downloaded to a mobile app (presently only Android based) which is then able to collect data, make field notes, and take field photos. That data is uploaded from the mobile devices back to the website where supervisors can review the data collected, and formulate reports to send to growers. All PCM field service clients will receive reports from us through this AgReports system. 

As a result of the flexibility this system provides for field data collection of any nature, there are opportunities to license this software for your own operation. Whether you have have a Consulting business or do field research, AgReports can provide you the ability to efficiently collect any type of field based data and provide a quick means for analysis and dissemination of that data. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in this unique opportunity.